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Be Polite and Don’t Argue
You have every right to express your opinions; however, you should be polite about it. Don't act like other's opinions are unimportant. Try to understand how they feel, and don't argue.

Don’t Leave Others Out
You might have friends on the forum, but you should try to avoid inside jokes or talking about things only you and your friend(s) would understand. Remember; you have the option to PM your friend and talk about these things. Inside jokes about D'espairsRay are allowed if it is something every MANIA can understand!

Avoid Small Talk
Try to write at least three sentences when posting. Avoid short comments like, "Wow, I really like this picture!" If you want to say something like this, try to describe what it is that you like about it. There is no need to express whether you agree or disagree with someone if you don't have anything else to say.

Off Topic Discussion
There is a small off-topic section for non-D'espa related discussion. Please keep all discussion that isn't related to the band there. There is also a chatroom on the 'Portal' page where you can chat with the online members. You also have the option to send someone a PM.

Don’t Spread Official Fanclub Material
As long as the FC site is valid, posting FC material is not allowed. The FC management has said that the material is FANCLUB ONLY. If the FC site becomes invalid, the admins will discuss the possibility of allowing this material.

Do Not Upload Music
Downloading music is illegal, so it is against the forum rules to upload music for others to download. If you wish to share music, you can post a link to YouTube.

Try to keep your Username simple. Don't use any D'espairsRay names such as HIZUMI, Hizu, Kishi, James, etc. This is to avoid confusion. It is alright if your username contains these words as long as there is another word with it. For example; TsukasaFanboy, IloveHizumi, etc. Also try to avoid using special characters. (i.e; ^*%>!) You can, however, use the following characters: _ and - Please also use only English letters. This is because some people may not be able to see foreign characters on their computers.

Starting New Topics
It is allowed to start new topics to the forum. Admins and moderators reserve the right to delete topics without warning if they are against the rules or if there is a similar topic.

Forum Rating
There is no rating system in this forum so think about that when you write things.

Fan Art
Wallpapers, avatars, song covers, drawings, fanfiction and cosplay are allowed. Please only post things that were created by you.

No Excess Fangirling
It is fine to express your love for D'espairsRay, however you should try not to over do it. We are all MANIA here, so there is no need to try to seem like you are more of a MANIA than others.

Signature Limit
Try to keep your signature limited to a smaller size. This is so other's wont be annoyed by having to scroll past big images.

Warning System
If you break any of the rules, you will be given a warning and a link containing the rules will be PMed to you by one of the admins or the moderator. This is to assure that you have read the rules, and that you understand why you have received a warning. After three warnings you will be banned for a week. If you continue to break the rules after being banned, this will result in a longer ban period or deletion of your account.

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Forum Rules
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